Gas Boiler Installation & Repairs in Paisley/Renfrew

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GMC Gas provide gas boiler installation and repair services in Paisley/Renfrew

At GMC Gas we have an expertly trained boiler engineer or central heating engineer in Paisley ready for any heating system related task. Our heating engineers in Paisley can provide a boiler repairs in Paisley service, boiler fitting, or install a new boiler in Paisley. There are several signs that indicate when to service a boiler or when its time for a boiler replacement in Paisley.

A yellow or orange flame is a sign of a faulty boiler. Another sign is a blue pilot light, which is an indication that a gas-pressure release valve is needed. The annual maintenance kit contains replacement parts for the boiler and various incidentals. The annual maintenance kit also includes parts that typically wear out, such as gaskets, filters, and seals. If you don’t have these on hand consider a gas boiler repair service in Paisley/Renfrew. A carbon monoxide leak will likely follow a yellow flame under your boiler. This could lead to potential dangers within your household.

To protect your family and property from the dangers of carbon monoxide, it’s a good idea to install a CO2 detector. This way, you can easily identify if a boiler is malfunctioning and needs a boiler repair in Paisley.

In GMC Gas we include a 10 year manufacturers warranty and 1 year boiler service workmanship warranty with our combi boilers in Paisley/Renfrew however it remains important to annually service your boiler

Some of the most common problems that older boilers can face is your boiler not heating up. If this happens you can suspect a problem with the pump, the diverter valve, or the gas burner itself. It is possible to feel the cold water running through the system while taking a shower or washing dishes. As the temperature drops, you might have to run your heating system for a long time. Old boilers are prone to malfunctions due to their age and lack of maintenance. A 15-year-old boiler is likely to have a number of issues that affect its efficiency and safety.

It is best to replace it before the components begin to show signs of wear and tear. Besides that, an older boiler will also be less energy efficient.

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