Gas Boiler Installation & Repairs in Newton Mearns

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GMC Gas provide gas boiler installation and repair services in Newton Mearns

Extreme temperatures place extra stress on home heating systems, so it’s crucial to hire a professional to install your new boiler or repair an old heating system in Newton Mearns before the winter puts stress on the boiler. Aside from routine maintenance, boilers also require annual cleaning. Dirty or blocked air vents can impede the heating system’s efficiency and cause excessive pressure.

Are you in need of a gas or electric boiler repair in Newton Mearns? When problems arise there are certain signs your gas boiler will provide reminding you when it is time to repair your boiler, service your boiler or replace the entire heating system. Occasionally, a boiler will produce a loud bang when it attempts to ignite, and it may take a few attempts before it manages to start. Checking the pilot light and ensuring that there is a gas supply is a good place to start. If that doesn’t work, call a GMC Gas specialist to repair the boiler. Common problems with older boilers include corrosion, especially when they have been running for years.

If you notice an unusual smell coming from your boiler, it’s time to call a GMC Gas professional. If you see a yellow flame under your boiler, there could be a carbon monoxide leak. This is extremely dangerous and can cause sickness or CO2 poisoning. A clean condensate trap can prevent your boiler from leaking and causing other problems. As long as you clean it regularly, you should not experience any problems with your boiler.

You can also ask a heating engineer to do this during the maintenance. Besides cleaning the condensate trap, a clean burner can increase the efficiency of your boiler in Newton Mearns. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean your burner to maintain a healthy environment. If your boiler is not serviced regularly by a heating engineer in Newton Mearns, it could lead to fouling issues.

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