Gas Boiler Installation & Repairs in Cumbernauld

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GMC Gas provide gas boiler installation and repair services in Cumbernauld

What does GMC gas boiler servicing include?
We provide an annual service for each of our boilers in Cumbernauld. This is in addition to the 10 year warranty from the manufacturer so you can have complete peace of mind when purchasing from us. We include a variety of inspections and testing from gas pressure checks to flue inspections. Parts can also be cleaned for optimal performance.

Boilers are relatively affordable when properly maintained, but repairs can cost hundreds of pounds or more. Some repairs are minor and can be done in a single day. Others require new parts or require a longer time to fix. A professional service provider will assess the problem and provide a competitive quote up front. And remember, your boiler is an investment, so it’s important to care for it. A professional service provider can keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible.

With an expert central heating engineers Cumbernauld team your boiler can be looked after with professional care. Our boiler service in Cumbernauld and boiler repair in Cumbernauld sets itself apart by keeping the customer warm with our boilers and our customer service.

It is very important to repair your old boiler when suspecting a carbon monoxide leak. You can also replace your boiler with a new boiler in Cumbernauld through our boiler installation service. Carbon monoxide is a type of gas that can be emitted by a boiler which is in need of repair. It can be subtle yet dangerous issue which arises when fuel is not burned completely due to a lack of oxygen.

When carbon monoxide is made the gas is released away from your home with a flue. But if there is a problem the gas can sometimes escape from the boiler system throughout your home. This can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. However, by using a GMC gas heating engineer in Cumbernauld to do regular boiler servicing and gas boiler repair it should eliminate any of these dangers.

  • New boiler & installation
  • Quick emergency boiler repairs
  • Transparent and honest process
  • Team of trusted local boiler experts
  • Gas safety checks
  • Fast and convenient boiler service
  • Manufacturers warranty up to 10 years
  • Free, no obligation quote
  • Full clean up once complete

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