Gas Boiler Installation & Repairs in Coatbridge

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GMC Gas provide gas boiler installation and repair services in Coatbridge

Our recommendation for optimal boiler performance is to order annual servicing by a Gas Engineer operating in Coatbridge so you can be sure that your boiler is providing peak performance without any nasty surprises.

Some of the most popular boilers to install in East Kilbride are gas boilers and electric boilers.

Gas boilers are the most common heating sources in modern homes. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas are the most popular types. These fuels can be purchased in bulk and are quieter than electricity and water. A 30kw or larger boiler can supply energy to as many as twenty standard-sized radiators and a hot water cylinder. There are several other types of boilers available, including those that use diesel fuel.

Electric boilers are the most inexpensive way to heat your home. However, these units cannot provide the same level of heat as gas boilers. Additionally, they are more expensive to run and are most suitable for smaller homes that need supplemental heating. It is important to remember that gas boilers are also more environmentally friendly than their electric counterparts.

We can also provide boiler service and boiler repair in Coatbridge. We will diagnose and repair the fault whether it is a modern or traditional boiler. Our engineers have years of experience and training in the sector so you can trust our gas and heating engineer in Coatbridge and central Scotland ready to provide a repair or fix to your boiler, central heating, or hot water. Feel free to contact us for further details. Booking with us is easy and we provide free quotes.

A well-maintained boiler should not show any signs of gas/CO2 leakage and an alarm should be able to spot it. Carbon monoxide is present within boilers but is vented out of the boiler.  With a high concentration of carbon monoxide within the house an individual can develop signs of poisoning within hours or even minutes. If your boiler does show signs of CO2 leakage consider venting your house and emergency boiler repair services in Coatbridge than can fix up the problem.

  • New boiler & installation
  • Quick emergency boiler repairs
  • Transparent and honest process
  • Team of trusted local boiler experts
  • Gas safety checks
  • Fast and convenient boiler service
  • Manufacturers warranty up to 10 years
  • Free, no obligation quote
  • Full clean up once complete

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